Finely Crafted

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, sourcing only the finest materials from trusted suppliers to create windows and doors that are as durable as they are visually striking. Whether you're looking to enhance the architectural appeal of your residential property or add a touch of luxury to your commercial space, our extensive range of customizable options ensures that we can meet your unique requirements.


We use authentic materials of the finest grade at our core. We are designers and manufacturers of luxury windows and doors. We use only the finest steel, aluminum, and Wood selections available in the marketplace.


Our designs are enduring, both aesthetically, and in performance. If your goal is to create a time period Masterpiece, or to be the most energy efficient, we have a product that will work for your project.

A Reputation You Can Trust

With decades of experience, we supply some of the finest windows and doors to beautiful homes across the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area. 

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Modern Windows & Doors

The luxury and simplicity of design that suits your custom built residential spaces.

Modern doors & steel windows, like the iris of our eyes that makes every one of us different, exalt the personality and the architecture of your home.

When you look at our custom windows, the artisanal touch is immediately evident, you perceive the uniqueness and the empathy created continues into an emotional trip in our every-day, a world made by a family of craftsmen with uncommon abilities and attention to detail that results in products of incomparable beauty.

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Traditional Windows & Doors

Make the exterior of your home impressive, fall in love with our collection of luxury traditional windows and doors.

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life one building at a time, starting from the exterior windows and doors. In addition to regular windows, we also produce hurricane and impact windows adding style and comfort to your home, carefully curated to meet the most modern aesthetic standards of your architecture.

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Nichiha Architectural Wall Panels

Enjoy the look you love for years to come with durable construction that’s resistant to warping, rotting and pests.

Architectural Wall Panels mimic the look of materials like wood, concrete and brick but are easily installed on a hidden track system. They feature a built-in rainscreen that offers moisture management and are ideal for commercial or residential applications.

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Woodharbor Custom Cabinets

Bring your home to life with beautifully crafted cabinetry.

Let Stinson Built transform your residence into a Woodharbor masterpiece. In your sanctuary, hues, textures, and practicality should harmonize, creating an artful ambiance that speaks to your senses. To uplift your interior design to unprecedented heights, Stinson Built partners with Woodharbor to deliver exquisitely crafted cabinetry and tailor-made millworks that blend seamlessly, enhancing your living space.

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